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Post movie news

I've not seen posted here anything regarding the latest Sheryl manga volume or the interview with Shouji Kawamori's about Sheryl's and Alto's status post Sayonara no Tsubasa. I assume most fans are aware?

darkplataform from Animesuki was kind to give us the scan of the Alto/Sheryl poster featured this month in Macross Ace.

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haruhi ouran

Hello hello

I think self-intro is quite useless as I am not good with words, but let my fanarts show my love for this awesome couple of Macross F instead.  I've been following this series since it first started but yes...I've been lurking *v*/

Title:  Sketches ~~
Rating:  ...PG?
No necessary warnings really...except there is one picture that has Ranka in it (is this allowed?!)


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One last shameless promotion for the help_japan  donation ~ I'm currently auctioning off my art here.  Please help if my art is to your liking and if it's within your ability to do so ;v;  The last day for bidding is March 31st...yeah...I'm quite slow with promoting this OTL

Oh, and nice to meet everyone!!!

selling doujinshi

Hello everyone. Recently got into this series and went a little crazy with the doujinshi buying. xD So I have 1 for sale right now and a few more that may be let go later. If you're interested, please check out my journal for more information. Price haggling is accepted so don't be shy. XD

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Thank you! :)
Inori 2 OP flower

Alto x Sheryl FC

Hey guys :D
I made a FC on this forum dedicating to Alto and Sheryl so if anyone would like to join you are very much welcome :)

There wasn't much place where I can spam about my thoughts on the latest movie as a Sheryl x Alto fan so I thought, why not? XD

You do need to make an account but the place is a really awesome place so I'm sure you will enjoy it.
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